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Features of Inayo Diabetes Program

Inayo App has many intelligent and intuitive features which will enable you in tracking your calorie intake, monitor glucose levels, remind you for medicines and also help in getting tests done at home.


Artificial Intelligence at the core. More than half million different kind of Diabetic Profiles matched, tracked and analysed.

Activity Tracking

In-built tracking algorithm to monitor your activity levels.

Food Intake Monitor

Intuitive tracking of food intake. Monitor your food intake in easy to input formats. Get food suggestions based on your food preference.


Glucose Monitor

Easiest way to enter your glucose levels, works like magic wand! Few taps and done!! Glucose monitoring done in few seconds itself.

Social Connect

Now follow and remain connected with other diabetic patients. Fight Diabetes collaboratively.

Alerts and Reminders

Get real time notifications to help you in gathering data without missing any date. Medicine reminder is the most loved one.

Control your Diabetes

Inayo Diabetes Management App helps you to control three most important factors in diabetes


Keep a tab on your glucose levels, Insulin levels, food intake and activity levels.


Detailed analysis of your track record. Prediction for Hypers and Hypos.

Manage your Diabetes

Get personalised suggestions and platform to connect with like minded people.

Download the BEST diabetes assistant app and stay healthy!

Inayo App is packed with many features to help a Chronic patient lead a worry free life. A Diabetes Patient will never need any other tool after this

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